Hanwell, Kingsclear - Fredericton, New Brunswick neighbourhoods and nearby communities

This area lies south or Prospect and Highway 8, forming the southern rural cushion for Fredericton. This area is close to the city's major hospital, making it ideal for those with health issues. It is sandwiched between the #7 and #2 highways, providing fast access out of town on the /Transportation-Canada, to the US, and most importantly, to the Fredericton Airport.


The schools and libraries for this area are to the north of Prospect St, with Fredericton High School particularly convenient.
These neighbourhoods have two elementary schools, two high schools, St Thomas university and University of New Brunswick, which also is home to the Provincial Archives. The downtown public library is not far away.


These neighbourhoods have several shopping centres, including Regent Mall, the largest in the city, and the downtown is not too far away.


The rural area has lots of open spaces, two small parks, the Kingswood Entertainment Centre on Hanwell, the Empire Cinema at the Regent Mall, and the recreational trails at adjacent Odell Park, as well as close to the Fredericton Golf & Winter Club.


This area has about 7,000 residents and is largely rural with detached homes on a variety of lot sizes.

Community Map