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Fredericton Home Neighbourhoods: Marysville

This area is on the north side of the Saint John River, east of the St Mary's First Nation Reserve. This area includes the communities of Devon, South Devon and Young's Crossing on the north side of the Nashwaak River, with Sandyville and Marysville further up the Nashwaak, and Barker's Point, Lower Saint Mary's and Maugerville on the south side of the Nashwaak.


This area is served by the Nashwaaksis High School, and has three elementary schools, well-situated. The libraries are nearby in downtown Fredericton and in Nashwaaksis.


The area's closest shopping is along Union Street centred around the Devon Place shopping mall. The downtown is readily accessible by two bridges, but most directly by the Trail Bridge for cyclists and pedestrians.


The area is largely rural, with large open spaces. The Riverside Carleton Park is the area's centrepiece, with great views of downtown across the River, access to the Trans-Canada Trail, a boat ramp and picnic grounds, and as home to the Ducks Unlimited Exhibits. The community is also home to The Royals Field baseball park, Henry Park with tennis and an outdoor pool, and to Carman Creek Golf Course. There is also an indoor pool and tennis courts in Marysville, a tennis court south of the Nashwaak, and the York Arena and a running track north of the Nashwaak.


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