Fredericton Fredericton History - The Post-War Years

New Brunswick is home to a number of economic success stories. The chocolate bar was invented by the Ganong brothers in St. Stephen, back in 1910, and is now sold all over Canada. JD Irving, headquartered in Saint John, is a private, family-owned company with over 100 years experience in forest products, and expanded into petroleum products, refining, shipping, trucking, busses, food processing, and retailing. McCain Foods, which began in Florenceville in 1957, began exporting to the US in 1969, and is now a world leader in frozen foods, with 18,000 employees at 55 plants on six continents.

The Playhouse is the centre of the province's Arts scene In 1969, New Brunswick became the first officially bilingual province, and became the only one enshrined as such in the 1982 repatriated Canadian constitution. In 1973, the 125th anniversary of the city's incorporation, Fredericton amalgamated a number of surrounding communities, doubling its area and population. The city celebrated the 150th anniversary of its incorporation in 1998.

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