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<> Here are some suggestions for getting the most out of your visit to Fredericton. Depending on your length of stay, we've prioritized the attractions and activities so you can get the most out of your trip. We've put the easiest/closest items first, so you can capture the essence of Fredericton's history and locale, and those fortunate enough to stick around longer, well, they get to enjoy Fredericton event better!

Day One

The first day you are visiting Fredericton, focus your attention on the heritage sites and attractions downtown and along the waterfront:

  • Start at the City Hall, checking out the tapestries, the Audubon book, and the ceremonial guards out front
  • Visit the Justice Building, which contains the School Days Museum, and the artist-run Gallery Connexion
  • The Soldiers Barracks, Guard House and Militia Arms store show how the military lived in the early 1800s
  • Visit the NB Sports Hall of Fame, housed in the old post office and customs hall in the Military Compound
  • Take a look at the Wilmot United Church, with its 1852 wooden spire The Playhouse
  • The York Sunbury Historical Society Museum showcases the military traditions in Fredericton over the past 250 years.
  • Heading east, you pass Centennial Park with the Obelisk and the Indian Totem Pole, and pass The Playhouse
  • Visit the Legislative Assembly Building, built in 1882, and the Beaverbrook Art Gallery with its many fine art exhibits
  • Returning to the river, along Waterloo Row, you'll pass the Trail Bridge and the Loyalist Cemetery and the Loyalist Memorial
  • Visit the gothic Christ Church Cathedral, the first cathedral in North America, begun in 1845
  • Kids will want to check out the exhibits at Science Centre East, in the Old York County Gaol (jail)
  • Walk toward the 1882 Brunswick Street United Baptist Church, and pass the Old Public Burial Ground where the city's very first Loyalist settlers were buried. Old Burial Ground
  • Head back into downtown and enjoy the city's dining and shopping in the central business district, including the Boyce Farmer's Market
  • Heading toward the River, pass Officers Square with its statue honouring newspaper baron Lord Beaverbrook, on the way to the Fredericton Lighthouse and Museum
  • Walk along The Green, the waterfront park which showcases the magnificent Saint John River, and forms part of the Trans-Canada Trail system.
  • At the Regent Street Wharf you can take one of several cruises on the river, on either the Carleton 2 or the Wood Duck
  • If you're adventurous, take a lantern-lit, evening "Haunted Hike" with costumed guide

Day Two

On this day, you can wander a bit further away, enjoying the larger area around Fredericton

    St Thomas University's George Martin Hall
  • Start out the day on the northside, checking out the quaint shops on Main Street
  • Head east past Carleton Park, up Watters St to Hayla Park, the first park built to protect a rare frog
  • Head northeast on the Marysville Bypass to the historic community of Marysville, with its huge cotton mill (now government offices)
  • Across the Saint John River, visit the beautiful and historic hillside campuses of University of New Brunswick ("UNB") and St Thomas University ("STU")
  • Head west and check out Old Government House, now the home and office of the province's Lieutenant Governor
  • Beside it is the NB Country Music Hall of Fame, featuring native son Wilf Carter, and beside it is the Small Craft Aquatic Centre, offering a range of waterborne diversions
  • Head up hill along Rockwood Dr to 174 hectare Odell Park, four times the size of Vancouver's Stanley Park, complete with an Arboretum, miles of trails and a Botanical Garden

Upriver Day Trip

    Mactaquac Dam
  • Head up the beautiful Saint John River on the northside, along Route 105
  • At about kilometre 25, you'll pass the Keswick Covered Bridge
  • Visit Mactaquac Provincial Park, with its beautiful recreation areas and Fish Culture Station
  • Check out the Mactaquac Dam, which raises the Saint John River 37 metres, to generate power for the entire province
  • head across the River, and west along Highway 2 (the Trans-Canada) to Kings Landing Historical Village, representing life in rural 1800s new Brunswick
  • Depending on your time or mood, return via either Highway 2, or take the scenic route using Highway 102, which hugs the Saint John River.

Downriver Day Trip

  • Head east on Route 102 which hugs the Saint John River, past the Fredericton Airport to Oromocto
  • Vusit Canadian Forces Base Gagetown Military Museum, which showcases the area's military history since the 1800's including displays of large military vehicles
  • Continuing along the river, you pass the village of Burton and arrive at Gagetown, the birthplace of Samuel Leonard Tilley, one of the Fathers of Confederation.
  • Gagetown is the entrance to a very pretty part of the province, where the land is nestled around lakes and wide rivers (or is it the other way around?) Ferry Dock
  • Take the ferry across the Saint John River, and check out the Gagetown Light.
  • Head north to Jemseg, passing a pair of covered bridges
  • Upon reaching Grand Lake, you can see a couple of lighthouses built to help recreational navigation on this houseboating heaven.
  • Return via the newly built Highway 2 on the south shore or enjoy the sunset over the water on the northside's Route 105.

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