Fredericton Recreational Trails

Over the past several years, the City of Fredericton has developed an extensive linear trail system.

Roller Skiier In Odell Park Currently, Fredericton has close to 65 km of linear trails that are open to pedestrians and cyclists. In the winter months, many of these trails are groomed for cross-country skiers, snowshoers and walkers. In the Capital City Municipal Plan, the continued expansion and development of linear trails has been identified as a priority - in future years, the current network of trails will be expanded as abandoned rail lines are converted into trails.

Eventually, these trails will link up with a province-wide network, in the process of development. For more information about the trails in the Fredericton area please contact the Fredericton Volunteer Trail Patrol at (506) 459-1850, or visit the TrailPAQ Website for additional information on local & Canadian trails. Fredericton Recreation Department by phone, (506) 460-2230; fax (506) 460-2243; or e-mail [email protected]

Useful Tips

  1. Obey all signs
  2. Leave nothing but footprints.
  3. Cyclists give way to walkers and joggers.
  4. Avoid drain gates, soft shoulders and other road surface hazards.
  5. Stay on the designated trails.
Odell Park trails

Motorized Vehicles<BR> Motorized vehicles are not permitted on the trails. *City Council has permitted limited access to snowmobiles (1998) on a trial basis with restrictions on a three km section of trail crossing the Nashwaak River on the bridge above Marysville.

All dogs must be on a leash at all times when on trails. *Poop and Scoop by-law must be observed summer and winter. (Animal Control By-Law S-11, section 6)

Happy Trails!
Within the Fredericton city limits there are miles of walking and cycling trails. And now that the old train bridge across the St. John River has been incorporated into the trail system, there's no end to where you can go. Connecting to both the Sentier NB Trail and the /Transportation-Canada Trail, Fredericton's recreational trail system is encouraging people to think differently about getting around town; encouraging them to dig out their sneakers, or their skis, or that old Schwinn in the basement. For more information go to: (click Online Trail Guide then River Valley Scenic Trail).

Gibson Trail
(4.1 km) from Barkers Point Lions Club to Greenwood Drive Baptist Church to Marysville Heritage Center and Marysville Place. This trail follows the Nashwaak River From Greenwood Drive to Marysville with restrooms at the Barkers Point and Marysville trail-heads. This trail replaces the Gibson spur-line rail connection, named after the founder of Marysville, Alexander "Boss" Gibson. Keep to the left after crossing Greenwood Drive from Barkers Point to access this trail. Excellent winter trail.
View From Trail Bridge across Sait John River
Lincoln Trail
(8.8 km) Is a continuation of the Marysville Trail, crossing the St. John River at the planked railway bridge. It offers splendid views of the St. John River and the skyline of Fredericton on both sides. Note the Trans Canada Trial Pavilion and the longest pedestrian bridge in New Brunswick (1905 ft - 581 meters) Parking on Queen Street, side streets and the Lord Beaverbrook Rink.

Nashwaak Trail
(7.4km) Extends from the city limits at Marysville, just above the Penniac Railway Bridge, to the converted railway bridge across the St. John River. It passes along the western side of the Nashwaak River and at Bridge Street connections can be made with the Gibson Trail so as to constitute a loop. There is parking on side streets.

Trail Bridge across the Saint John River North Side Trail
(New name pending) along abandoned C.N.R. Railway line (10.5 km). This trail begins at the Railway Pedestrian Bridge crossing the St. John River, and proceeds upriver to the city limits at the Carlisle Road. The Douglas Recreation Association is responsible for the trail beginning at this point and carries it to the Keswick Road crossing. Future development took place in 1997 and carried the extension of this trail to Burtt's Corner, Millville, etc.

Odell Park Trail System
The Odell Park trail contains a loop circuit that includes the following features: a duck pond, picnic/BBQ area, deer park, rock garden, accessible washrooms, nature trail through a wooded area, and more.

Riverfront Pathway
2.0 km) Connections with Carleton Park are still incomplete (1998). Trail parallels the Riverfront Drive of the Westmorland Street Bridge. It will be extended in the summer of 1998 beyond the Fredericton Loyalists Rugby Clubhouse on Cityview Avenue to the Nashwaaksis Stream.

Princess Margaret Bridge Salamanca Trail
0.7 km from the Princess Margaret Bridge to Morell Park Little League
Ball Diamond. Travels through flood plain area with lush growth past the Loyalist Cemetery of 1785.

The Green
The "Green" is 4.0 km in length and runs from the Sheraton Inn to the Morell Park Little League ball diamonds. With park benches, washrooms and a canteen (available at the lighthouse during business hours), this scenic trail runs along the edge of the Saint John River. Without a doubt, the riverfront Green Trail is the centerpiece of the trails system and is by far the most utilized of all the City's trails. As many as 1,000 residents jog, walk and bicycle along the trail on warm summer evenings.
"City Council on November 4, 1996 designated the portion of the trail on The Green from the Lighthouse near the Police Memorial as LIMPERT LANE in honor of Marianne Limpert, a native of Fredericton, and Silver Medal Winner in swimming (200 meters i.m.) at the 1996 Olympics" On December 11, 2000, the section of trail from the lighthouse to the walking bridge was named DUREPOS LANE in honour of Dave Durepos, Captain of the Gold Medal Canadian wheelchair basketball team at the 2000 Paralympics. Also on that date, the section of trail from the firefighters memorial to the Sheraton Hotel was named MERRILL LANE to recognize the achievements of Paralympic dual silver medalist Hal Merrill (1996, discus and javelin)

Valley Trail
The Valley Trail is 9.4 km in length and begins at Smythe Street and follows an abandoned railway right-of-way to the city limits at MacIntosh Brook. The first section of the 3km trail from Smythe Street to just beyond Angelview Park is complete.

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