Fredericton Shopping Areas and Shopping Districts

For those wishing to avoid the malls, there are plenty of options in Fredericton.

Downtown Fredericton
Located in the historic and cultural central business district (between Brunswick St and the River) with sixteen blocks with 120 stores of specialty retail, art galleries, dining, financial services and cultural venues. The area also hosts festivals and events year-round. There are even 28 designated tourist attractions to distract you Downtown! There are over 2000 parking spaces available.

Boyce Farmers Market is right downtown

Main Street Shopping District (Fredericton North)
Cross the bridge to Fredericton North's central business district, and stroll down the traditional "high street" of the former village of Nashwaaksis. Main Street serves the growing community of Fredericton North and the "neighbourhood" environment offers a delightful combination of locally owned stores offering unique products and national chains featuring competitive prices and variety. More than 165 businesses offer fashion, gifts, and household items, to fresh local produce, dining and automotive needs.

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