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Weightlifting is a good way of building strength while trimming fat, but should not be confused with bodybuilding. Although both variations consist of lifting heavy weights to build muscle, the goals are different. In Weightlifting, the goals is strength and lifting power, in bodybuilding the goal is to shape your muscles (and entire body) to a particular shape. Recreational weightlifting will help you turn mush into muscle, so you feel healthier, stronger and more energetic. Lifting with a friend, to "spot" for you, makes the sport more fun.

Weightlifting can be a time-consuming sport, if you desire dramatic results. Competitive weightlifting is an Olympic sport, so there are opportunities for competitive advancement.

NOTE: Consult with your doctor before starting weightlifting. Use common sense when weightlifting and follow a carefully designed program. Lifting too much too soon, whether to be a hero or a show-off can cause injury.

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The equipment, if you use a gym, is minimal. You should get appropriate (and comfortable) workout attire, a towel, a water bottle, and a stopwatch with which to monitor your heart rate. A supportive waist belt is recommended when planning to lift heavy free weights (some gyms require it).

If you want to pump iron in the privacy of your own home however, Weightlifting equipment for your own weight room can be bought at several fitness equipment stores, but is fairly expensive.

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You can begin weightlifting at most health clubs, gyms, athletic facilities, and apartment complexes around the city. Almost every school (university, college or high school) has a weight room. While it's not hard to getting started in weightlifting, it's harder to keep involved on a regular basis. The sport requires serious dedication and motivation.

If you are looking to join a health club, check out the facilities, to see they have the equipment (free weights, universal weights, treadmills, bikes, rowing machines, stairmasters, sauna and whirlpool) you want for your program.

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